ARE offers organic hoodies, organic jackets and organic t-shirts that have some sort of pre-loved western shirt embellishment added to it, as well as my photography added on top of that. Each piece is one of a kind. I cut, sew, and fully produce each piece myself (aside from the shell).

ARE follows the One for One business model in hopes to make the world a better more creative place, one child at a time.
So for every hoodie or jacket that you purchase via AREapparel.com, or at any store that carries ARE, another plain white or natural colored organic hoodie or jacket will go to a child in need with the opportunity to creatively express themselves on the hoodie or jacket. ARE and "friends of ARE" will personally sit down with groups of kids ages 6-18 and teach as well as supply them with an air brush, fabric paint, fabric spray paint, and fabric markers so that they can have the opportunity to design their own hoodie or jacket and wear it proudly.

Whether a child wants to draw stick figures of their entire family in a happy setting, create a graffiti style mural across the back of their jacket, or paint a soothing dream like world perfect for a child to wear when everyday hardships and realities can get them down, the options are endless. During this time, teaching, learning, and healing happen in a creative setting all along the way. The only rules/limitations put in place for these children to follow is: 1. No gang affiliation symbols or tagging crew names allowed. 2. No foul language. 3. Respect yourself and others.

If you would like to contribute your time, paint supplies, or anything for that matter, we welcome you with open arms! Just send an email saying you're interested and how you'd like to contribute, along with your contact info.

P.S. Studies have shown that children who are involved in the arts perform better in academics and have lower dropout rates than children who are deprived of arts education.

Thanks for reading my little about page and I hope you feel inclined to make a positive change on this planet, some way, some how.  :)

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